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Klanten die gebruik maken van Guided Navigation

Guided Navigation: safe and efficient routes

Guided Navigation supports your drivers with route oriented activities, like:

  • Door to door collection
  • Emptying of (underground) containers
  • Sweeping services
  • Cleaning of gullies

Centrally organized operation
Guided Navigation helps you improve your service by organizing your operation from a central place. Your planners have real-time insight into which part of the route has been completed and where the drivers are located. In addition, you immediately have the proof that you need to ensure the security of your service.

Shared route knowledge
Route knowledge is available digitally with Guided Navigation, so you no longer have to depend on the route knowledge of individual drivers. Therefore you can schedule your drivers in a more flexible manner and have a better overview of the operation. Additionally, you can replace a driver easier, in case of illness or vacation. Drivers no longer need to be trained on a particular route, Guided Navigation will do that for you.

Improved road safety
With Guided Navigation you’ll restrict the risk of accidents, by avoiding certain areas completely or during certain times of the day. For example, you’ll ensure that your drivers are not driving near schools during pick-up and drop-off times. When the avoidance of an area isn’t possible, you can set up alerts so your driver is notified when there are risk points on the route.

Defining routes
By letting your drivers drive more efficient routes, you are saving on fuel costs. To define routes, you can use the route optimization of AMCS or Ortec, but you can also record routes by driving them with the mobile (On Board Computer) solution. The mobile (OBC) solution then sends the route to E-Guided Fleet, where it is stored automatically. You can manually optimize routes in E-Fleet Guided.

E-Fleet Guided: easy optimization of routes
E-Fleet Guided is a module in E-Fleet to optimize routes. This concerns both routes submitted by route optimization packages, and routes that were recorded after driving them. With E-Fleet Guided your planners can adapt routes quickly and adequately, for example in the case of roadworks.