Prometheus Informatics

Klanten die gebruik maken van E-Mobile Waste

E-Mobile Waste

is a flexible, integrated, mobile (On Board Computer) solution, developed specifically for the Waste, Environment & Recycling sector. With it, Prometheus Informatics offers your organization fully digital process control and process support that seamlessly connects to your activities and your current back office system. The basis of our platform is formed by a mobile (OBC) solution. The system delivers high-quality data that offers insight into your logistic operation. This data is fed back to both your own back office as well as the E-Portal. This total overview is available anytime and anywhere, providing you with control over your processes. Because of the combination with E-Cloud, you don’t need to worry about your IT infrastructure. E-Mobile Waste supports all of your collection activities and offers several features:


Corporate waste collectionDigital order administration
Construction and demolition waste collectionDigitale cover letter 
Door to door dollectionGuided Navigation
Municipal collection
(Underground and overhead collection containers)
Registered collection
Waste transportIntegration with weighingsystem
Cadaver collectionAutomatic time tracking
Street cleaningUnmand weigh in and weigh out
Winter servicesAxle load measurement
Draining gulliesCamera for the purpose of proof
Placing and cleaning mobile toiletsRemote download of digital tachograph
(Off road) Navigation


Werkzaamheden Functionaliteiten
Bedrijfsafval inzameling Digitale orderadministratie
Bouw- en sloop afval inzameling Digitale begeleidingsbrief (EBA)
Huis aan huis inzameling Guided Navigation
Gemeentelijke inzameling (ondergrondse
en bovengrondse verzamelcontainers)
Geregistreerd inzamelen
Afvaltransport Koppeling met weegsysteem
Kadarverinzameling Automatische urenregistratie
Stratenreiniging Onbemand in- en uitwegen
Winterdiensten Aslastmeting
Kolkenzuigen Camera t.b.v. bewijslast
Mobiele toiletten uitzetten en reinigen Op afstand uitlezen digitale tachograaf
(Off road) Navigatie