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Klanten die gebruik maken van E-Ident

E-Ident – the innovative solution for registered collection

E-Ident is an innovative solution for registered waste collection. E-Ident is integrated with the mobile (On Board Computer) solution and can be deployed for the identification and registration of all types of containers. E-Ident provides all the critical data that you can use to control and optimize your processes. All this information is available digitally in the E-CMS (container management system). Examples are:

  • Container recognition for the purpose of differentiated fees
  • Number of times a container is emptied
  • Scale data (for the purpose of weight-based billing)
  • GPS data - Location for offering (for the purpose of route optimization)
  • Time and length of emptying
  • Proof of service
  • Black and white list support

Ultra-High Frequency: better and cheaper
E-Ident uses Ultra-High Frequency (UHF) technology allowing the reading range and reading speed to be much more suitable for the identification of objects than the current technology used in the waste market. UHF technology is a proven technology which is used often in other markets. This makes E-Ident not only a better, but also a much cheaper solution.

E-CMS – Control over your collection operation
The container management system E-CMS gives you the best insight into your collection operation. You will receive, in addition to standard information like address and last emptying, a wealth of operational data. E-CMS is available in the E-Portal and has a real time connection to the E-Ident solution in your vehicles.

Differentiated fees
By linking E-CMS to your back office/billing system you can tax citizens or business customers exactly for the amount of waste they offer. By making clever use of the large amount of high quality data in the system, you get an edge over your competitors.