Prometheus Informatics

E-Acceptor: acceptation process digitalized at the waste plant

With the E-Acceptor you can digitalize the acceptance process in a waste plant. The E-Acceptor is a mobile device, equipped with software that is fully tailored to the process of the acceptance of waste streams. This solution is suitable for all types of waste plants and provides acceptors, weighbridge staff and managers insight into the acceptance process. Due to this improved evidence, you will also avoid unnecessary discussions with clients and you also avoid paying costs that you are not responsible for.

Clarity for acceptors
The E-Acceptor gives your acceptors a clear overview of all incoming deposit orders. As soon as the vehicle is weighed on the (unmanned) weighbridge, acceptors receive, via broadcasting, , a deposit order including vehicle information, deposit information and the assigned place in the waste plant. When a vehicle is traveling to a wrong location, your acceptors can easily direct the driver to the appropriate waste plant.

Clarity for weighbridge staff
With E-Acceptor, acceptors and weighbridge staff are in direct contact with each other. The result: faster handling of weighing and billing. In the case of a faulty deposit, your acceptor can create a notification on his mobile device. Your weighbridge staff can adjust the invoice amount and because of the compulsory photo that needs to be sent, you have the evidence immediately. Therefore, uncertainties about acceptance and rejection forms are a thing of the past.

Clarity for dispatchers/managers
Registered acceptors automatically appear on E-Fleet. Dispatchers thus know exactly where your acceptors are and you have real time insight into the acceptance and handling process at the waste plant. This enables your dispatchers to respond quickly to the situation and deploy the acceptors where they are needed the most.

Time tracking for acceptors

The time tracking and processing of hours of your acceptors can easily be automated through a link with E-Hour.