Prometheus Informatics

Transport & Logistics

Our knowledge of specific logistic and business processes and the quality of our solutions, give you an edge over your competition. We provide you with a full and complete telematics platform to control and support all your logistic processes from a central place. With it you’ll achieve a higher quality in a simple manner, greater efficiency and lower costs. Moreover, you do not have to re-invest in your back office, because our telematics platform can be integrated with any Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Advanced Planning System (APS) and Transportation Management System (TMS).

E-Mobile Logistics

is a flexible, mobile integrated (On Board Computer) solution for the Transport & Logistics sector. With the mobile solution, the basis of our telematics platform, you are assured of an...

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is the fleet monitor that brings peace to your planners and drivers. Due to the link between the mobile (On Board Computer) solution and your back office system, your planners can, through our online...

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E-Hour: complete time tracking and processing in one application

With E-Hour you arrange the complete time tracking, time processing and time correction for the entire organization- from a single program. ...

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E-Tacho: data from tachographs of your fleet available at all times

With E-Tacho you can remotely read different types of tachographs. So your planning and administration staff can always download, archive...

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E-Codrive: encourage safe and economic driving behavior

A positive change in the driving behavior of your drivers lead to safer roads and cost savings on fuel and maintenance of your fleet. That's the...

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is an ideal solution for occasional hired charters. You know the feeling: you don’t rent the charter often enough to provide it with a full-fledged mobile (On Board Computer) solution, but you still...

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E-PIBI: critical data for your Business Intelligence

With high-quality data from our telematics platform, you will gain insight into – and thus control over – your logistic operation. With this data, you can...

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E-Cloud – all your IT worries out of your hands

By using E-Cloud, you can fully focus on your core processes. You don’t have to worry about your IT infrastructure, Prometheus Informatics does that for you. We...

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E-MDM – Back on the road quickly with Mobile Device Management

With E-Mobile Device Management (MDM) your people on the road – field staff, drivers, couriers – are able to work as efficiently as possible. ...

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