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Klanten die gebruik maken van E-Tacho

E-Tacho: data from tachographs of your fleet available at all times

With E-Tacho you can remotely read different types of tachographs. So your planning and administration staff can always download, archive and analyze the mass memory of the digital tachograph and driver cards. You will save a lot of time because you are able to read all tachographs of your fleet at once, from a distance. The data is subsequently available in the E-Portal.

Stoneridge and VDO
The Tacho download feature works for both tachographs of VDO (of Continental AG) and Stoneridge (version 7.3). For VDO tachographs the following versions are supported right now:

  • R1.3a
  • R1.4  
  • R2.0  
  • R2.1