Prometheus Informatics

E-PIBI: critical data for your Business Intelligence

With high-quality data from our telematics platform, you will gain insight into – and thus control over – your logistic operation. With this data, you can optimize your operational processes, but they are also an ideal input for your Business Intelligence. With E-PIBI you have access to critical data that you can use to make your processes transparent, and control and optimize these processes.

Connection to BI-tools
E-PIBI is easy to pair with your current BI tool. So you always have the latest data and various reports in the E-Portal, and via your BI tool you have insight into your historical data to analyze your logistic operation. E-PIBI retrieves data from your logistic operation from a separate historical database. This means that the performance of the applications you are using will not be affected by the use of E-PIBI.