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Klanten die gebruik maken van E-Hour

E-Hour: complete time tracking and processing in one application

With E-Hour you arrange the complete time tracking, time processing and time correction for the entire organization- from a single program. E-Hour is suited for all CAO forms. Different activities, hours, staff groups, types of drives, positions, pay scales, overtime, allowances and expenses, can easily be recorded. After verification, processing and remuneration, E-Hour fuses the data to your payroll program, where the final pay takes place. E-Hour ensures that your payroll is a lot more efficient. Your administrative staff can focus on controlling instead of entering hours. Plus: you gain insight into your KPIs!

The system automatically checks whether the data is entered correctly. Someone made a mistake? E-Hour will display a message on the dashboard in the online portal so that your administration may correct the data. E-Hour has two kinds of alerts: fixed alerts and dynamic alerts. The fixed alerts are irregularities that we, based on our knowledge and experience, have already set up for you. Additionally, you can add dynamic alerts: your own business rules such as inspection rules for the hours. Both types of alerts must be checked, corrected or approved by your administrative staff before they can begin with the payroll.

Time tracking of both driving and non-driving staff
Your drivers receive all order information digitally and can thus fully focus on their own work. The hours of your drivers are automatically read from the mobile (On Board Computer) solution. They stop for a break, refueling, loading or unloading? Then they can simply indicate this in the On Board Computer, and afterwards the data is processed automatically in E-Hour. Non-driving staff keep track of their own hours in E-Workforce, a web application aimed specifically at time tracking. Your employees have access via a web application to their personal timesheet. The tracked hours are automatically uploaded into E-Hour where control, processing and remuneration occurs.