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Klanten die gebruik maken van E-Fleet


is the fleet monitor that brings peace to your planners and drivers. Due to the link between the mobile (On Board Computer) solution and your back office system, your planners can, through our online portal, always see the planning and real time information about the location of your vehicles. By setting up automatic alerts, nothing escapes your planners.

Real time and historical information: With the help of track & trace the locations of all vehicles and trailers are clearly and geographically displayed. You decide what information you want to see. You can view the entire fleet, only a portion, or a specific vehicle. Drivers indicate when their service starts and stops, when they have to wait to unload or when they take a break. Because of that your planners always have an overview. They can also access the history of the vehicles at any time. Up until street level they can see which route the drivers have traveled.

Communication and alerts: Your planners and drivers can use E-Fleet to send text messages to communicate with each other. If desired, the mobile (OBC) solution can also be equipped with telephony. You can set up various alerts in E-Fleet. This enables your planners to be informed about incidents and disturbances on time. For example, if a delivery is delayed because of a traffic jam, the planners can immediately inform the customer about it.

Scheduling: Imagine; suddenly, an additional shipment/assignment comes in, but the schedule is already set. Through E-Fleet your planners have direct access to the location, route and schedule of the total fleet. This allows them to quickly decide which vehicle should get the extra shipment. The mobile (OBC) solution is in constant communication with your back office system. When a change occurs via the back office, the drivers automatically receive a notification.

E-Fleet Dispatch: change and transfer orders easily

E-Fleet Dispatch is an additional module that can be integrated into E-Fleet. With E-Fleet Dispatch your planners can very easily change orders and transfer them to other vehicles. So they can take care of the daily adjustments on the planning entirely from their fleet monitor. At the end of the day, the data will be fed back to your back office system.

E-Fleet Mobile: overview and insight at all times

E-Fleet Mobile is a mobile web application suited for tablets and smartphones. With E-Fleet Mobile your planners have access to information about your fleet, anytime and anywhere. E-Fleet Mobile has the most important basic features of E-Fleet, such as track and trace and communication with drivers through text messages.