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Klanten die gebruik maken van E-Codrive

E-Codrive: encourage safe and economic driving behavior

A positive change in the driving behavior of your drivers lead to safer roads and cost savings on fuel and maintenance of your fleet. That's the philosophy behind E-Codrive, the configurable driving style analysis that integrates easily into our mobile (On Board Computer) solution. Through the E-Codrive application in the E-Portal you have access to various reports to support your organization in achieving a positive change in driving behavior.

Insight into driving behavior
On the road your driver gets real time feedback concerning their driving via the E-Conometer that is integrated in the mobile (On Board Computer) solution. Your planners and/or driver support can always monitor the behavior of your drivers through the E-Codrive application. Unique to the E-Codrive is that only the controllable driving behavior of your drivers is included in the analysis and assessment. The focus of E-Codrive is on driving behavior and not on fuel consumption. E-Codrive takes the type of vehicle and activities into account. The result is an honest assessment that encourages positive behavioral changes.

Extensive reports support your planners and/or driver support, in directing your drivers. The advantage? Safer roads and a structural cost reduction on your fuel costs. Because drivers become more aware of their driving habits and use vehicles in more economical way, your fleet requires less maintenance.