Prometheus Informatics

Waste, Environment & Recycling

Prometheus Informatics is the market leader in telematics solutions in the Benelux for the Waste, Environmental and Recycling sector. That’s why we have several large private organizations and (semi-) government organizations in our customer base. The quality of our solutions and our knowledge of the industry make the difference for your organization. Difference in quality and in cost. Our telematics platform can be integrated with any Enterprise Resource Planning system (ERP), Advanced Planning System (APS) and Transportation Management System (TMS). You do not need to make any new investments in your back office system.

You can contact us for mobile solutions for your fleet and for solutions for acceptors in waste plants. All from the same platform. In addition, you can count on a very high availability of the system and a comprehensive unburdening of your IT infrastructure. Your advantage? A stable, more efficient service and cost savings.

Part of Remondis Group

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Rendac, onderdeel van Darling Ingredients, haalt in de Benelux en Duitsland via verschillende op maat gemaakte diensten kadavers en dierlijk restmateriaal op voor verwerking en vernietiging, in het belang...

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