Prometheus Informatics


Realizing added value leads to a long term partnership with our clients. That’s our main goal. We do this by creating cost savings for you, but also by reaching our CSR goals. This goal is summarized at Prometheus Informatics into 4 focus points: innovation, specialization, integration and flexibility. 

Innovation leads to success. By being first in innovation, you can avoid obstacles. For our clients IT, automatization and digitalization of business processes are very important. And they count on us for that. By sharply watching the newest developments and interacting often with clients and their customers, we know what’s going on. In our market, but especially in the markets of our relations. By responding to this quickly and in a smart manner, we create good collaborations and lasting added value. 

You focus on your core business, and we support youby doing what we do best: software development, aimed at data communication between people, processes and systems. In collaboration with trustworthy technology partners, we continuously develop new technologies with proven techniques that provide you with an advantage over your competitors.

Your logistic and business processes give us the starting point to develop solutions that can be integrated into one system. Therefore you only have one-off purchasing costs of hardware and you can easily scale up in features.

You choose the back office system that fits your logistic and business processes the best. That’s why our solutions are suitable for almost every Enterprise Resource Planning-system (ERP-system), Advanced Planning System (APS) and Transport Management System (TMS). And our telematics platform? That fits seamlessly. Obviously.